Rocky Mountain sideboard table

Through Tenon

This table is one of a kind.  It is made of Knotty Alder and black walnut. There are no metal fasteners. The whole table is built with mortise and tenon construction and walnut pegs.

Custom Cast Pulls

The vertical uprights between drawers are made of black walnut.

Heavily Distressed

The distressing is done using carving tools as well as a jack plane modified to give the hand scraped appearance.  This distressing method make the piece appear ancient.

Through Tenon

Gustav Stickley used through tenons as design features in the Stickley line of furniture.  So here we use his technique. Tenons run through the top and legs making a structurally sound table that will stand the test of time

Through Tenon Pegged

Cross pegs and pins are handmade  of black walnut. 

Custom Handmade Curves

Drawers are hand dovetailed and are made of Beech.

Silverthorne Colorado Dining room set

Dining room set custom built to customer specifications

The table and 6 chairs were handmade of Knotty Alder and Walnut accents and pegs.  It resides in Silverthorne Colorado.

Knotty Alder Dining Room Set

The table top has the appearance of being 4" thick and has an organic edge. This is done in our signature Rocky Moutain style.

Chairs in Rocky Mountain Style

This chair has part of the leather hide reversed to show the suede side and it also highlights the brand.  We bought an entire hide to do all the chairs in the exact color and texture.

Leather Seats

One piece leather hide for all 6 chairs.

Base of Table

The tables base is a split base to allow for leaves.. There is an old tree made of Black Walnut that is handcarved and inlaid into the back.  You cant see it here but their initials are carved into the tree.

Mortise & tenon + walnut pegs

The Ties and pegs are hand shaped of walnut.  The top of the chair has the Rocky Mountains carved into it.

Additional Furniture pieces

Breckenridge Colorado Vanity

This piece is done in our traditional Rocky Mountain style. The cabinet is Knotty Alder and the top is made of 1 1/2" Solid Black Walnut. The drawer fronts are also done with our signature curve.

Furniture like Islands

Many or our islands are designed and built to look like a piece of fine furniture. This Island lives in Atlanta Georgia.

Atlanta Home Show Island

This Island won an award in the 2004 Atlanta Home Show.

Close up of vanity leg

Rocky Mountain style vanity showing the oversanded and destressed leg as well as the signature curved drawer fronts.

Queen anne cabriole style legs.

Custom Den

Custom den cabinetry.  Stain with a white glaze. Beaded inset doors.

Furniture pieces

Boulevards of Paris

This armoire is truly a unique piece without rival. It won and award for "The Most Outstanding Exhibit" at the 2004 Atlanta Home Show.  It features a local artists rendition of a painting done by Renoir The "1884 Boulevards of Paris"

Renoir had a strong interest in the effects of lighting

Here we see the way the lighting makes the painting look like one is peering out a window overlooking a Boulevard in Paris at dusk.  This painted and glazed armoire is flanked by beaded inset cabinets made of brazillian cedar, finished is a stain glaze.

Armoire open with fixed curved shelves

This armoire is curved not only at the top but is also curves from front to back as well. Designing curves in two planes increses the difficulty exponentially. It features Parliment hinges and fancy carved corners.

Under construction

Under construction

Under construction

Under construction

Under construction

Under construction